English Cocker ~ fast and aggressive, quickly putting quail in flight, thus enhancing the excitement of the hunter’s experience. small in size, mild mannered disposition and rides with hunters nicely.

Quail Country English Cocker puppies are considered an extension of our family and we spare no expense when it comes to their care and health. From the extremely critical breeding selection to the preparation of the puppies’ arrival, there is no less excitement than awaiting the birth of a child.

Each day, we look forward to their new lives, watching the excitement dance in their eyes as they explore their new world. They receive the royal treatment with thorough daily examinations, warm baths, encouraging words, and lots of petting. We also focus on learning each puppy’s personality to ensure compatible placement.

Our kennel boasts a 5-run, climate-controlled whelping center for the comfort of our pregnant dogs. Each run features a private area, as well as an outside run, that can be closed off as necessary. The puppy exercise yard is adjacent and separate from the larger dog exercise yard. All pedigrees and medical records are onsite.

Call 866-59-QUAIL or email us for availability and investment.

We have litters on the way. There is a wait list so please contact us if you would like to be added.

For adult English Cockers, visit Hunting Dog Sales.

The Quail Country Plantation Kennel Guarantee

We guarantee that every puppy has superior health. We provide health records for every puppy, sire and dame. If an owner is not completely satisfied with their Quail Country Plantation puppy within the first year, we prefer you return it for a full refund to ensure customer satisfaction and our puppy’s well being.