Quail Country Plantation offers training for hunting dogs regardless if purchased from our kennel. Our training program is unique from other programs as we train with love, patience, and repetition so each dog and its owner achieve the desired end results.

Quail Country dogs have to meet especially high standards to make the team. We take the same pride and care with all hunting dogs in our training program. We teach everything from “Whoa Broke”, working-close mannerisms, honoring points to returning by whistle and everything in between.

Owners can feel confident that their dogs are treated like the family members and hunting companions they are. They receive daily care and training that reinforces a positive learning experience. Each dog receives consistent reward-based training at an unforced pace, gets daily playtime in our large, enclosed yard, twice daily kennel washouts, and weekly grooming. We have a climate-controlled whelping room and on-call veterinarian for any health issues that may occur.

The first and foremost step is evaluating each dog and tailoring a training program that fits the dog’s personality and the objectives of its owner. Length of training varies depending on age and previous training experience. We are usually able to complete training within two months if on bird to six months if not on bird. Although owner participation is optional in the first stages, we require it in the final training sessions to ensure effective communication between dog and owner.

Quail Country-trained dogs have a reputation for working for the hunters and enjoying the hunt as much as the hunters do. Our goal is to send home an eager hunting dog that enhances the overall hunting experience for everyone every time he is afield.

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